Our product is backed by many advantages:

  • Tahtsa Pellets Ltd. is a family owned and operated company.

  • Our product is perfectly pressed from biomass by-products from logging operations from the local forests.

  • We have strong ties and long term fibre agreements with the Burns Lake Community Forest and local First Nations.

  • We have a sustainable product from a business and environmental perspective.

  • We are also a large British Columbia logging company (Tahtsa Timber Ltd.) and therefore have a detailed understanding and great deal of control of fibre flow from the forest.

  • We operate a clean, modern facility with a very small plant footprint.

  • We are engaging innovative drying and pressing technology in our production process, which we believe will provide a superior product to our customers.

  • We have excellent proximity to sea ports in Prince Rupert and Vancouver, as well as the inland rail port of Prince George.   

 ** We are sold out of pellets at this time.**            Sorry for the inconvenience.